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parol dance productions

Our method is dance. Our goal is art.

Company of creators, choreographers and dancers specialized in modern and innovative choreographic productions, led by choreographer Vanda Ștefănescu . Parol Dance assumes a vital role in spreading the culture of dance in contemporary society through versatile performances and productions.


The company's dancers are professionals with experience on stage and film sets, who bring to life visions as complex and diverse as possible.


The styles fused in our productions are:


  • Contemporary dance

  • Ballet

  • Jazz Dance

  • Neoclassical dance

  • Commercial choreography

  • Mergers with other specific styles (tango or character dances)


Team parol dance   it is made up of professionals in the field, dedicated to bringing to life any project, regardless of its complexity.






A show has a special quality. The connection between the audience and the artist on stage is unique. The most emotional way to bring to the audience themes of current interest and strong emotional messages, is a complex dance show. When a curtain is raised you are automatically transposed into another world. The unique world of entertainment.



Parol Dance company consists of a team of creators with the ability to produce complex dance projects complemented by scenography and costumes.

The creative team together with our collaborators, dance studios, and the facilities of our company, make any project idea come to life.



Video productions are for many creators a way to bring their art closer to the public. A dance movie can tell a story in ways that the stage can't. Our dancers can also be hired for various productions in which dance is chosen as a way of expression.



Creation is one of the main areas of activity within Parol Dance. The dancers practice different dance techniques supported by current research objects, which bring a unique expression and vocabulary to our works.


Working within the company involves choreographing new plays, as well as handing over existing repertoire pieces to other theaters, production houses, music artists or entertainment agencies.



Meet Parol Dance during one of the activities of the development and education department. Our activities focus on the exchange of ideas and experiences by organizing dance courses and workshops. From professionals to amateurs who simply love dance, our activities make it possible to meet, educate and share the love for dance.

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Parol Dance is our promise to bring dance to the public as a current alternative of expression and manifestation. We fuse the demanding execution of movements and creative ambition to bring sublime and always contemporary productions

Vanda Ștefănescu, director & choreographer

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We like it when people resonate with us and want to know us.

We look forward to talking about your ideas, suggestions or projects.

Contact us if you have any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Telefon: 0726.114.114


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