Ballet photography

The experience of a dancer and choreographer taught me that every moment and movement has a meaning. Over time, I became a creator of stories and emotions through choreography.


Now, through photography I can capture these moments, moreover, I can make them unique for each one.


If you want to be a character in classical ballet performances for at least a moment or simply to be a ballerina, I can help you bring this dream to life. Then you keep it for an eternity.


As a dancer, I know exactly what looks good and what can make you stand out.


In addition, you will learn words from specific ballet terminology and perhaps learn some ballet movements.


So I invite you to a ballet photo session where you will be in the best hands and I will make sure that you will have a unique experience.


My services are dedicated to both professional dancers and people with no experience in the field of dance.



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Professional portfolio

Professional photos in the Studio for auditions and competitions.


Portrait of a Ballerina

For your personal social media or in personal interest, this is a photo shoot in which you become your favorite ballet character.


Photo sessions in the studio

Suitable for both professional and personal portfolio, studio photo sessions have the advantage of total control over the atmosphere, lights and background.


Photo sessions in locations

Especially suitable for personal photo sessions, with a ballet theme, where you can choose a location that will highlight you and take you to that special atmosphere.


Examples of locations are: parks, in the city, or in various closed locations such as theaters, ballet halls, unconventional spaces, etc.


Photos for shows and behind the scenes

As an event organizer you need a photographer who understands exactly when and what to photograph. At Ballet performances, you need a person who knows how to capture the movement at the perfect timing.


Behind the scenes I always look for the unique moments and emotions of ballerinas, teachers, choreographers, or any participant in the event.


Photos at Ballet Studios

Something magical is happening in the rehearsal room. The work, the effort but also the successful moments in the rehearsal room deserve special attention. I'll be there to photograph them.


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